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{This is a multi-character role-play blog. It will be NSFW in content at times. These characters aren't human so there are bound to be mentions of the paranormal. None are affiliated with any particular fandom so all are welcome.}

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Welcome, song—and—dance.



No one could say Mammon took no interest in those around him. On the contrary - Avaritia was a rather attentive personality, the kind of person who would attend a party and talk to every drunk person around, only to rob them off their secrets and blackmail them afterwards. There was no deal he couldn’t benefit from, if he wanted to.

No, Mammon liked to watch and lurk, waiting for the right moment to strike or just the right person to come along. It was a habit that was hard to lay off, even when he was trying to make others believe that he wasn’t working. And no place was better for lurking just like that than your average city mall.

Perhaps he looked a little out of place in his fancy suit, sitting on a bench near the fountain casually while drinking his coffee and watching people, yet it was still the perfect place for him to be. Perfect atmosphere, as that. However, when he found the cup he was trying to take another sip from to be empty, he frowned.

"You there, child. I will give you 20 if you go over to that coffee shop and get me a new one. How about it?"


                         ↳|| Child. He shouldn’t have been surprised at all by the blatant condescension slathered atop the stranger’s request. Day in and day out, he worked his shitty nine-to-five, five days a week as a Batista at a shitty little coffee shop to save up money to move into his own, shittier, apartment. He was granted one single window of calm from the overwhelming stream of monotony at the mid-point of each day. For bullshit like this. Why does he still have this job?

                                         Muddy eyes tip upward slowly after allowing a long moment of silence. Lachlan peered beside himself first, in the opposite direction of the brazen stranger, and then in every other direction except for his. He knew damned well that the request was aimed at himself, but in true form Lachlan felt the need to display a pre-show for his offence.

                                        Finally, he looked up at the stranger. Lips curved downward in what could very well be a frowning caricature come to life. “Well, miss. ‘m on break— you dead-ass couldn’t walk yourself a few fuckin’ feet for coffee?” He was more indignant about being referred to as a child but the other didn’t need to know that..


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Edgar Allan Poe


                        ✧☽||  “I get such a finite amount of time like this and yet I spend it sleeping anyway.”

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Knack cannot reliably tell the difference between seeing a wandering spirit and a living human. They look almost identical to him except for the way they walk around sometimes.
Anonymous asked: Are you smut friendly?

{OOC:} Like in general? I don’t have a problem with it. If that’s the direction a thread goes in, then hey. It’s whatever. I won’t bend my characters (huhuhu!) to make it happen though. If they go with it, they go with it. If they don’t then they don’t. I won’t force it.

None of my characters were created for the sole purpose of ‘waxin’ dat ass’. Even the Incubus. He’s kind of dorky in his heart of hearts, and isn’t exactly focused on that aspect of it. 

TL;DR: Sure, if things flow well.